iBILIB is a weekly Filipino infotainment show hosted by Chris Tiu together with the dynamic duo, Rodfil and James, also known as "Moymoy Palaboy". The show features scientific experiments and explores different scientific facts and theories that unravel many bizarre and interesting trivia in the world of science. The show, aired every Sunday morning, is receiving high ratings... Continue Reading →


Carmona Paragliding

A fun flying event is being organised in Carmona for the first time to bring general public closer to Paragliding. This event is aim to publicise the sport of paragliding to the residents of Metro Manila. On December 17th - 18th, Paragliding Philippines with the assistance of the Carmona LGU will host the first active... Continue Reading →

Sarangani News : October 2016 – 1.

National Paragliding FUN FLY/COSTUME FLYing and accuracy landing Update news.... I am pleased to be able to inform all pilots who read this paragliding flysite blog of the upcoming Fun-Fly/Costume flying event being hosted by Sarangani Paragliding at SAFI Ranch on October 29 - November 2. See link above. An invitation to attend is extended... Continue Reading →

Sarangani News – September 2016 – 1.

My first weekend back in the Philippines, following a three-week paragliding trip to Bali. I was bringing with me 2 extra small canopies for the Para-boys. These were donated by my good Australian friends in Melbourne, Tom Ridgeway and Ian Dayble .  Many thanks guys for your generous donations  to help the Para-boys to learn to... Continue Reading →

Narvacan Development Plan – June 2016

We had a successful meet up with the mayor of Narvacan and agreed to develop the paragliding site for a successful launch sometime before the end of raining season. The mayor met with our current Manila Paragliding Club president Nick Sotelo and Rummii from Paragliding Philippines and assured us that the NOAH Paragliding Club will... Continue Reading →

Sarangani News – July 2016 – 2

Joseph's Eagles...Lost and found Another day at SAFI Ranch saw Joseph flying both of his eagles free at the takeoff.  The eventual goal is to fly the eagles free with a paraglider. Great to see these magnificent birds flying free and coming back to Joseph's whistle...and of course for a meaty treat..!  🙂 But disaster... Continue Reading →

Sarangani News – July 2016 – 1

Akfig, Polomolok Flysite. A good "unofficial opening day" for Polomolok Flysite. Rummii, Frank and I had a nice morning flying at the new flysite in Sarangani. I top landed after 30 minutes of flying in quite active thermic conditions. Rummii, Frank and me getting ready to fly Rummii and Frank fly Akfig I launch on... Continue Reading →

Sarangani News – June 2016 – 8

Another interesting day paragliding at SAFI Ranch. The day began cloudy and overcast. It looked like no chance to fly. But we went to see.. Nothing else to do. The winds were well off to the North West. Not even the B-Launch working. Adrian and Titoy - "Para-waiting" We waited and the conditions improved. Then... Continue Reading →

Sarangani News – June 2016 – 7

Visit to Polomolok Flysite. On the way to.... Polomolok Hill The best laid plans.... don't always work out. After the winds shifted to the South and became too strong for paragliding at SAFI Ranch, we all moved to our alternative inland flysite amongst the pineapple fields. Polomolok is only 300' high but is often good... Continue Reading →

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